When it is your time, when the bell has gone off inside you to walk into

your gifts for humanity, there is no turning back.

I'm a teacher/healer of teachers and healers. A guide and tool giver.

It's joyful gaining your mastery. And the dark night of the soul, or

ego-dissolution process, is challenging, an understatement of measure!

Assisting you in your process, the clearing of your last and major patterns,

and the reintegration of your light body and Oneness, is my joy,

my path in life.

I've developed my heart and my channel to a good degree.

Here's my message: You can do it too. You already are. I'm excited for you.


Aureya Magdalen, MFT, is a Metaphysical Teacher, Psychic Reader, Energy Work Master, Sound Healer, and Speaker.


Paul Dugliss, M.D.

Director and Academic Dean New World Ayurveda School

Aureya is a wise soul who can see energy and know the truth behind it. She has taught me how to see energetically and how to guide others to their wisdom and truth.

Her teaching and methods have become an integral part of the trainings I offer to my students and my gratitude to her is beyond expression.

Debbie Caldwell

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner  

Aureya uses a unique and very special combination of skills and abilities that allow connection with Source and my Higher Self as well as keen insight and practical advice, and she does so with kind truthfulness, compassionate understanding, and gentle humor.
I have always felt seen, heard and understood by Aureya at all levels. She creates a safe, loving setting in which I have been able to explore deeply and profoundly.
I trust Aureya completely and am grateful for her presence in my life.