How does it Work:

* You tell me what you feel will serve you best, your questions and concerns - (or you choose to start with Energy Work or Psychic Reading).

* I go in and greet your Higher Self and look at your Energy System.

I tell you what I have seen and heard, and we will discuss the meaning and implications in your life, and how these things may be addressed.

* I channel Energy Work and Sound Healing, and invite you to breathe with the work and follow along with me as I guide your attention to where the light is working.

* We generally work with three or four remaining ego structures, and assist them to resolve in the moment as much as possible. These may revolve around the way an energy center has been living in a fear-based pattern, or a relationship cord up for clearing, or a past life karma ready for acceptance and completion.

* You feel better, integrated, more Yourself. And you have some new tools, some practical 'to dos', and a deeper understanding of where you are in your enlightenment process.