Initial Curriculum



Description:  Learning to psychically follow and facilitate:

      *   The focus of light activation for change that is 

             present in anyone's aura in present time

      *   The process of healing, clearing, and the

            anchoring of consciousness in the core,

            guiding the person’s attention,
            awareness, breathe, and intention

      *   The channel of light and sound through your

            hands, chakras and voice to expand light and

           consciousness in the person's energy system

Description:  Learning to See/Read

and understand the relevance of:

        *  Chakras - the light/information traveling

              through the 4 side openings - or not -

              and what the block/pattern is

        *  Issues/Learning Agreements as ego structures

                in the energy field

        *  Relationship Cords and their contracts for


        *  Time - Seeing when things have happened:    

               Childhood, Past Lives, etc

        *  Higher Self, Personal Guides, and other entities

               in the energy field

      Schedule and Dates

      Magdalen University OPEN HOUSE

     SUNDAY JULY 25, 2021 1-3pm

     Mingle with like-hearted folks, enjoy great MU snacks

       Introduce new people to MU, Invite your MU-curious pals!

       20-min free intuitive-healing sessions from awesome MU graduates

      Optimum Health Offices, 3220 Riverside Blvd- Left side of the

         building!, Sacramento CA 95818


     MU 1.0 FALL Online Course begins Sept 12, 2021

     MU 1.0 Online Intake interviews begin July 1, 2021 

     Text Aureya at 415 606-2677 for an appointment


     MAGDALEN UNIVERSITY 2.0 - MU Advanced Course

     Practice course for MU Graduates - Channel Your          Soul's Mastery

     Begins August 9, 2021  (See info here)

      There is no Sacramento MU 1.0 in-person course           this FALL - Next in-person MU 1.0 SPRING 2022



SPRING 2022 will be the ninth in-person Magdalen University SACRAMENTO 

MU9 will GRADUATE AUGUST 2022    


MU SAC Schedule is in-person ONE SUNDAY a month, 10-4, and Every Other Monday Evening, 6:30-8:30pm     

Alternate Mondays - There are 90-min Zoom calls with Aureya 

Peer Practice Exchange happens on your own schedule

SACRAMENTO Course Includes
  • Six 6-hour classes on Sundays, including presentations, training, personal guidance and practice

  • Ten 2-hour classes on Monday evenings 6:30-8:30pm

  • Five 90-minute ZOOM coaching sessions on Monday evenings 7-8:30. Sessions are recorded for listening later if you can’t participate in the live call

  • Five 90-minute phone (or in person if agreed on) peer practice sessions on Monday evenings 7-8:30 (or agreed upon time)

  • 1 one-hour private coaching session with Aureya

  • 2 half-hour phone check-ins with Aureya


   Monday Evening Class Dates  6:30-8:30

   Monday Evening Group ZOOM Dates 7- 8:30


   Monthly Peer Practice - Schedule personally between you


   Session with Aureya Dates

      Schedule personally with Aureya for December 1 hour Session

Magdalen University Course Fees 

    EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT: (Check here in JAN 2022 for

   Pay on or before .............

    Fee can be paid using Venmo, Paypal, or check

   Nonrefundable deposit of $250, due on or before

    ........... plus 6 monthly payments of $........,

    beginning on .............. (with continuing

    payments on each Sunday class – total of $.........)

    For Sign-up and payment contract please contact Aureya.

   For those who are financially challenged, there are a

    limited number of partial work-exchange options.

    Email for more information:


The financial commitment is important. It co-creates and holds the outer structure of the school, such as classroom costs, materials,

etc, and honors the teachers' education and offerings with a stipend.

It also provides a way for you to assess for yourself the value of this pursuit. Of most importance is your inner commitment, to your enlightenment process, to what you are excited to learn, and to becoming part of a community of light.

Entering Magdalen University is making a decision to take time to remember the tools and the promise of the ascension process, and to find empowering ways of supporting that process in others and to make them yours.


We are working with light, with the Sacred Presence of the Infinite,

and with the Magdalen Channel, with their knowledge, perfection, and magic. Humility, devotion and a good sense of humor will be your allies.

One of the doorways to opening to receive this information and manifest these processes is making a spiritual commitment to the program. To commit to bringing your best heartfelt presence to gatherings. To be energetically available and compassionate with yourself as you try new things out. To be supportive of others and receptive to feedback in practicing skills with your peers. In non-hierachical community everyone matters, and each person's participation, caring and clarity of intention upholds the others'.

 Lastly there are action commitments:

  • You commit to a daily practice throughout the course, of 20 mins, reading materials, meditating, practicing, engaging the learning processes being covered in the course. The daily practice will include a journal and art supplies for fun Self-Love time.

  • You commit to making your participation in the program a priority. As part of that, you commit to attending all of the in-person and phone bridge training, if at all possible, so we can count on you being there. if a personal emergency should arise, you commit to alerting Aureya as soon as possible that you will not attend. In these situations, you commit to listening to the recording of the missed event as soon as possible and definitely before the following session, so you stay current with the class process and the material. If you need to miss your monthly peer trade, you re-schedule in as timely a way as possible to assure that both people involved are able to practice the assigned skills.

  • You commit to paying for the full program as a sacred energy exchange, regardless of your attendance or circumstances that may arise in your life.

My Commitment To You

I am thrilled to be engaging in the co-creation of Magdalen University.


I commit to being lovingly present, to having fun teaching, to channeling new information and learning as i go along, to being aware of the process of each student and to supporting their growth as much as possible, to being open to learn from each student both how i might teach better and perhaps some tricks of the trade that they have downloaded ahead of me!

Blessed Be!


Aureya Magdalen