The results of high frequency ENERGY WORK are immediate
and tangible - as a felt sense of being lighter, feeling more whole,
and as freedom from limitation in your emotional life and daily behavior.

I work with people sitting chair to chair, using my INTUITIVE CHANNEL,

my hands transmitting light and clearing energies (rarely direct touch),

and my voice; as words informing you about what is currently working

in your energy system, directing you to breathe and  focus your intention,

asking you to inquire within on certain topics, and as SOUND HEALING,

using direct channel toning or sometimes Universal Language,

a very powerful healing transmission.

Opening our channels together with our mutual intention for healing strengthens the focus of the energy coming into your channel. Your energy system focuses where it is already in an active process of changewhich I am able to watch. I guide your consciousness there and ask you to breathe into it, helping you to deepen awareness and presence. Your attention increases the light and your understanding. As I  share with you what I am seeing and do ENERGY WORK to assist the ego structures to unwind, your intention and self-compassion ultimately bring a release of patterning and allow space for a new system alignment and integration – all determined by your choice and free will.

The transformation you will have is profound, and easily felt in your body and overall experience. The pleasure and gratitude people feel for this liberation and return to their 'real selves' is wonderful.



As your guide I am able to watch how an energetic process is
unfolding, understand the meaning and relevance to your life,
and assist you to look at what you are attempting to learn, what you need in order to come into alignment. I may look at how the body is functioning, your emotional patterning, how any given chakra is clearing its ego patterns, relationship cords, past life issues.
We will also look at practical things like your work, relationships, daily self-care skills, self-compassion and self-value.

I facilitate Energy Work at the same time as I am intuitively reading your emotional, mental and physical bodies. The changes that are in process in whatever area has presented itself for our attention are calling for and inviting your growing awareness.

I share with you what I am seeing as I go along, and guide you to breathe with the work and add your intention and love.

If you have brought a question or an issue you are dealing with I will consult my own channel for information and I will also ask questions of your Higher Self and your Guides. I am able to channel both their information and their energies of love and support to you. If you desire, I will assist you to develop your intuitive skills and to meet and access wisdom from your personal Guides on your own.


People love to see things for themselves so in every session I support you in learning to look at things and ask your own questions inwardly.

It is often easier to “see”, and to learn to “see”, when two people are gathered in the healing channel together. It helps to have the validation, and it’s fun! If your path includes developing your Psychic Skills  Discover  MAGDALEN UNIVERSITY. 


Aureya Magdalen is a licensed MFT Psychotherapist.
Counseling, along with Energy Healing, Sound Healing, and Psychic Reading, is part of every session. I have been licensed since 1987 so I have much understanding of human process and growth. I also facilitate groups and offer mediation in the workplace.
Most adults who see me talk with me at the beginning of a session, describing issues and feelings. We do some counseling, then I greet the Higher Self and take a look at where the light is working in the energy system and what is being worked with. After we discuss what I have seen we do some Energy Healing Work. The talk, the reading, and the energy work and sound are a nice balance, giving the learning and healing many levels to work on.
I am able to see the relationship contracts between couples, parents and their children, siblings, friends, co-workers, etc. It greatly assists the well-being of a relationship to bring compassion to what you are learning together and to understand what your part of the pattern is.


I am known in the community for working well with Teens and Young Adults, and particularly sensitive people. I relate naturally with teens and young people and am trusted by most. Those who arrived on this Earth in higher vibrational bodies often feel unlike their peers and need skills to cope with extreme sensitivity and empathy. Since this was my issue as well, I have learned and taught skills to assist with grounding, emotional overwhelm and with what is needed for heart-based relationship.
I teach these skills in individual sessions, in monthly classes, and in the MAGDALEN UNIVERSITY 6-mo course.
(See list of classes offered below).


"I am a natural teacher, like my mother and father before me. It is my fun and passion to create innovative ways for people to learn and download their own skills. I have some inherited grace and ease in creating experiential exercises that can match a student's current level of expertise and boost them to their next level. Igniting people's excitement about what is possible in their own channel is beautiful and inspiring."

Also see

Classes are offered as a combination of information, experiential exercises, peer trades, discussion,

question time, and fun! I have class fliers, outlines, and descriptions I’m happy to send to you.

Please email Aureya to schedule a session or join a class on these subjects.

Aureya has taught in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Marin, Whidbey Is. WA, Sacramento, Hawaii, New Zealand, and South Africa.