Spiritual Advancement for Men


 Spiritual Advancement for Men


Dear Brother,

You have been recognized as a conscious masculine presence in our community and we have something really juicy in the works for you. We are starting a monthly gathering for the Spiritual Advancement of Men that will be tailored to your needs and desires for spiritual, emotional, and relational development.


All of us recognize the need for a new culture where men are supported and support one another. Come help us co-create it.

The place we are all going to in our awakening is the balance of the masculine and the feminine within ourselves. Women and men will

hold space and facilitate this community offering for men.

Now we want to hear from you!  What areas of your life need attention and refinement for you to feel like you are rocking your most authentic and purposeful existence?

Below is a questionnaire that offers potential areas of group exploration – please take a moment to get quiet and honest with yourself. Review the list and select 5 topics that feel the most compelling.

Please send us your list, the numbers of your top 5 interests, (Example 4,9,14,15,19) and add one of your own.

Please send that information, and any questions you have, to Aureya at spiritwork@earthlink.net <mailto:spiritwork@earthlink.net>  by April 14th.
When we get your email you will be added to the Spiritual Advancement for Men email list. Please feel free to invite friends who you feel would love this.

Thank you so much for participating, this group is going to rock!


1. Emotional intelligence, knowing what you feel
2. Self-value
3. Sexuality, issues and healing
4. How to be more authentic at work
5. Boosting your creativity
6. Bridging to women
7. Communication skills
8. Energetic self-care and stress-reduction
9. Your inner vision for yourself
10. What is enlightenment?
11. Balancing the inner masculine and feminine 
12. Relating with other men
13. Being in the work where you are most yourself
14. Strengthening your intuitive skills
15. Learning about your ego patterning 
16. Honoring the true masculine and the true feminine
17. Energy awareness and the chakra system
18. Your inner vision of our Community
19. Heart opening and accessing your Soul wisdom 
20.  ……Add your own! Send it with your email.……….

Your invitation for Saturday, April 28th, 7-8:30 will be emailed to you.
INVITE YOUR MEN FRIENDS! All men are invited 18 and older. 
15, 16, and 17 yr olds invited with accompanying adult.

Anyone, men and women, interested in supporting this community offering or becoming a facilitator please come to our Into Evening April 14th, 7:30 - 8:30 at Ritual.

Email for more info: spiritwork@earthlink.net

Cell : 415 606-2677

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