At the beginning of a session people tell me what they are interested in, their issues, goals, and their excitement to learn.
I take an overall look at your energy system, say hello to you at the Soul level, then share with you what I have seen and heard, which energy centers are in the midst of change. The rest of the session can be whatever serves you best, to see yourself and your life with a broader perspective, to come more deeply into yourself.
   * Energy Work & Sound Healing
   * Psychic Reading
   * Counseling (Aureya is a licensed MFT)
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We collaborate on looking at things together in your favorite modality.

I see the human energy system in detail, the issues and their origins, the lessons being learned, as well as their manifestations in our current life.


I am able to lead others to complete agreements for limitation and to free themselves to live as their Higher Self, keeping the best parts of our funny humanness.

I am known as a teacher of Spiritual Teachers and Healers, assisting you to step into your channel fully 

to enjoy and offer your gifts.

I teach the energetic mechanics of Enlightenment, Intuitive Reading, Energetic Healing Skills, and Sound Healing. See Magdalen University.