Amanda K.

Speech and Language Pathologist

For me, MU has been a life-changing and soul-exploring and expanding experience.  I am ever so grateful for this experience as well as all the care that has been taken to create and hold its vibration.  MU helped feed my soul and support me in my intention to live the most vibrant and full life that I've come here to live.  I have learned beautiful, simple, powerful practices that I can use throughout my life as well as teach to others.

Most importantly, I have remembered more of who I am as a Soul.

It's completely delicious.  

Halley Miglietta

Expressive Arts Healer and Storyteller

The impact Magdalen University has had on me thus far is truly beyond what words
can articulate, but I will do my best. 
I have never been so delighted, enchanted, serious about, and grateful for a learning opportunity as I am this one.  Aureya imparts her mastery of psychic and energetic healing with such clear and directed warmth, with such compassion and belief in us
as her students, that we leave each session changed.  I have learned from Aureya
and my fellow students some of the most fundamental aspects of living with trust, integrity, and boundaries, and my psychic skills are truly beginning to bloom as a result.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to become more aligned with their higher/soul self, and who is interested in undergoing a deep and meaningful healing process while learning to be of service to others in profound
and effective ways.                       


Joshua Brott

Photographer, Father

Aureya really came through for me and my family in a time of transition where we were looking for some clarity.


After receiving guidance from her I felt a surge in confidence and a real fluidity within my relationships. I highly recommend a session with Aureya,

in fact, I'm ready for another.

Leal Abbott, LCSW, BCD

Aureya has had a great influence on my life personally and professionally.  She validated how truly intuitive I am as well as providing spot-on intuitive readings for me.  I feel free to call her when I am stuck with a particular reading for a client and she is always there.

Joni Takanikos

Yoga Teacher

I really loved the workshop..very gentle and so transformational in an easy nurturing way. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience your workshops gratis. Thank you very much!

Peggy Gilmer

Executive Coach

I've been working with Aureya recently and I'm deeply impressed with her ability to see what's going on, articulate it and guide in healing. She's wise, her energy is very clear and her boundaries in tact.

I worked w/a shaman whom I respect greatly for five years and Aureya taught me more in one hour than I learned in whole days of sitting in class.

Maya Adjani Sol

Breath Therapist, Yoga Teacher- Creator of Breathe Eat Dance Evolve

Aureya is a masterful psychic and cultural creative with a background in psychology and traditional counseling. Aureya is here to wake us up to our natural intuitive abilities to heal ourselves.


She is skilled at teaching people how to see and understand the unconscious relationship agreements or "energetic cords" we have made with people who matter most in our lives, and how to respectfully complete patterns which drain our energy, so we can embody our fullest potential.

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